Daryl Hall on His New Career-Spanning Solo Music Collection ‘BeforeAfter’

Singer and songwriter Daryl Hall is currently in the midst of his first solo tour in a decade, taking a break from performing with his longtime musical partner John Oates. He’s having a good time on the road playing not only a few of the famous Hall and Oates hits but also his own songs outside of the duo’s music.

“People are really digging it,” he tells Newsweek about the tour. “The set has a great flow to it. I mix a lot of different things in and throw some other things in, too. It’s just working out. I really enjoy doing it.”

The tour, which continues through May 22 in the U.S., coincides with the recent release of BeforeAfter (Sony Legacy), a retrospective of Hall’s solo music spanning from his debut LP Sacred Songs (1980) to his last studio album Laughing Down Crying (2011). The 30-track collection showcases the singer’s eclectic musical range.

“That’s the idea,” Hall explains. “I’m not a one-dimensional artist.”

Singer-songwriter Daryl Hall recently released ‘BeforeAfter,’ a collection of his solo music.
Mark Maglio

With BeforeAfter, the singer-songwriter felt it was the right time now to release a compilation of his own music.

“I wanted to put out what I call my alternative history,” Hall says. “Everybody knows me for what I do under the name ‘Hall and Oates,’ and there’s no reason for people not to know what I do under my own name because I care just as much about it. It has its own history and all its own stories. I just thought, ‘If not now, when?’ That’s what I say.”

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