Law & Order: Organized Crime season 2 finale promo: Stabler vs. Donnelly

We’ve seen the Law & Order: Organized Crime season 2 finale promo, and at this point, there’s one word to describe it: Epic. Elliot Stabler has found himself a fascinating adversary in Donnelly, someone so connected to both his past and his present. Elliot has figured out the truth, butt what will he be able to do about it? Can he stop him before the situation worsens?

The promo below for “Friend or Foe” sets the stage for what feels like an epic battle with Christopher Meloni’s character on one side and then Denis Leary’s on the other. We do think this whole situation is aided by having such high-caliber actors in these roles. You can feel the gravity of the situation, as well as that feeling that almost anything could happen at any given moment.

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