Magnum PI stars Jay Hernandez, Perdita Weeks on surprise cancellation

There were a ton of cancellations announced across the board yesterday, but none surprised quite like Magnum PI. While we had our fears over the past couple of days, in general the CBS show was considered to be reasonably safe. Its ratings were decent, it had a loyal following, and it managed to achieve stability in what is traditionally a tough Friday-night timeslot.

Yet, the show seems to be at an end. We wrote yesterday about the reasons for the cancellation, including the oh-so-boring one (money) that nobody wants to hear about in what, in a perfect world, would be a creative-driven industry. Now, let’s hear from two of the stars. It’s ironic and pretty sad that right when Magnum and Higgins admitted to their feelings and kissed that the show comes to a close, but this is precisely where we are … and we have some messages from the actors behind the roles today.

First, let’s turn to Jay Hernandez, who did an outstanding job being this generation’s Thomas Magnum — he captured some of the charm of the original character, while at the same time not just doing a Tom Selleck impression. He truly made the role his own, and even went so far as to direct an episode! Here is what he wrote recently on Twitter:

Meanwhile, Perdita Weeks brought SO much over time to the role of Juliet Higgins, a radical change from the character on the original. We weren’t sure in the early days that she and Magnum would or even should get together, but their chemistry and the commitment to the roles made this relationship one of the best things about the show. You can see her full message, via Instagram, at the bottom of this post.

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We’ve noted in the past that we’d love to see Magnum PI continue, but that really comes down to studio Universal TV working to find the show a new home. Until we hear that they are doing that, it’s hard to speak that much more about the future.

Are you still stunned by the Magnum PI cancellation one day later?

Be sure to let us know in the comments! After you do just that, we suggest you also keep coming back for other updates we don’t want you to miss. (Photo: CBS.)

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