Murder Charges for Women Getting Abortion Backed by 24% of Men: Poll

A new poll found that 24 percent of men surveyed believe that a woman who gets an abortion should face murder charges.

The Economist/YouGov poll asked 1,500 Americans, during the period between May 8 and May 10, whether they think “that a woman who has an abortion that violates state law should or should not be charged with murder?”

Twenty-five percent of men said they are “not sure” while 51 percent of men said that women who get abortions shouldn’t be charged with murder.

Also, 35 percent of Republican-leaning respondents said that women who get abortions should be charged with murder, compared to 33 percent who said that they shouldn’t face those charges if a state abortion law is violated, and there are 32 percent who remained unsure.

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