Problem With Lethal Injection Drugs Prompts Ohio Gov to Postpone Execution

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has delayed the execution of a death row inmate for the second time as the state continues to struggle to find lethal injection drugs.

Lethal injection has been the preferred method of execution in states that have the death penalty, but as drug companies continue to block their drugs from being used in executions, states have faced difficulty obtaining drug alternatives.

Inmate Kareem Jackson was convicted of murdering two drug dealers execution-style following a 1997 robbery. On Friday, DeWine delayed Jackson’s execution by more than three years.

Citing drug supply issues, the governor’s office moved Jackson’s September 15, 2022, execution date to December 10, 2025. This is the third time in total that Jackson has been issued a reprieve, according to WKBN. Jackson was originally scheduled to be put to death on July 10, 2019.

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