Seaman ASMR Will Provide Soothing Audio for Stressed People

Mt. Rainier coffee will provide people in Japan with a link to soothing Seaman ASMR tracks when they scan a QR code on the company’s drinks. The deeply soothing water-themed ASMR sounds are meant to help with those stressed from the COVID-19 pandemic. Seaman will emerge occasionally with various sayings. There will be a total of four different ASMR codes. [Thanks, Dengeki Online!]

The water ASMR is courtesy of award-winning aquascaper Takayuki Fukada. As well, you will be able to use the QR code to access AR images of various Japanese cities at night. As for Seaman, he will appear randomly, giving various pearls of wisdom. It is unknown if Seaman will insult the listener in the ASMR as he occasionally does towards the player in his original game.

Seaman is a virtual pet simulator that originally launched on Dreamcast before being ported to PlayStation 2. It involves players raising and caring for a Seaman in real time. Like a frog, the Seaman goes through various developmental stages with differing appearances. Unlike a frog, the Seaman can understand human speech, giving “advice” and learning about the player through conversation.

The Seaman and aquascape ASMR QR codes are available on Mt. Rainier coffees in Japan. This is not the first QR code promotion that Japan has held. Craft Boss coffee also provided QR codes for Green Greens arrangements during the Kirby 30th anniversary.

This article is being translated automatically. Please let us know if there are any errors.

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