Smart Puppy Figures Out How To Build Escape Route From Pen in Adorable Clip

One of the joys of pet ownership is watching a furry pal try to figure out how to do something—even if them figuring it out leads to mischief.

A shih tzu puppy is delighting the internet with her surprisingly smart solution on how to escape from the pen she’s in, despite it being several times taller than her.

In the clip, posted to TikTok by @okie_que, the dog pulls in a corner of the pen to the center. She then climbs up the crate in the center of the pen, and stands on top of it. By pulling in the wall, it’s now easy for the clever canine to make the leap to freedom.

The entire clip is set to Boots Randolph’s classic tune, “Yakety Sax,” though many people know the song better as the theme music to The Benny Hill Show.

The clip is resonating with people, earning over 4.8 million views on TikTok in the week that it’s been online. The TikTokker has a couple other videos of the puppy, one where she’s chasing a small orange ball around the floor, and another where the pup plays with crumpled paper in what appears to be an office supply storeroom.

A very smart shih tzu puppy, lik the one in this stock photo, has figured out how to escape her pen in a viral video.
Elena Sendler/Getty

For people inspired to see if their pups are smart as @okie_que’s shih tzu, there are intelligence tests online geared for dogs. A simple six-task test has been shared by pet care company Hill’s Pet.

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Tasks involve putting a blanket on a dog’s head to see how long it takes the pup to escape; a version of the shell game for dogs, with a treat placed under one of three cups; and rearranging the room to see if the dog can still find their favorite spot.

Of course, if it turns out that a pup isn’t necessarily going to invent the cure for cancer, that doesn’t mean anything. Their love and friendship is the most important thing for a pet owner.

The pup’s antics delighted TikTok.

“Intelligent [amazed emoji] I’m impressed! Guess he/she is in the kitchen cooking now,” @saaaam1966 wrote.

“Clearly he’s a pro, wagging his tail the whole time…This ain’t his first rodeo!!!!” @t_raggs wrote.

“Now THAT is an INTELLIGENT furbaby,” @ire034 wrote. “He figured out by maneuvering pieces he could have his FREEDOM”.

“Furbaby 1 Hoomans 0,” they added.

“yup my dog who is your babe’s twin does this.. We call her Houdini [three amazed emoji].. she use to help the labs escape unlatchin the kennel,” @elleq95 wrote.

“Spiderdog, Spiderdog, does whatever a Spiderdog does, can he swing from a web, no he can’t he’s a dog. Spiderdog!!!!!!!” @melissarowell471 said, invoking Homer Simpson’s famous “Spider-Pig” theme song adaptation from The Simpsons Movie.

Newsweek reached out to @okie_que for comment.

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