Teen Girl Stabbed by Tinder Date, Who Then Knifes Elderly Woman: Police

A Utah teen stabbed his Tinder date and knifed an elderly woman Thursday night as part of his plan to kill those he believed are “vulnerable,” according to police.

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement on its website Friday that 18-year-old Kane Thomas Fairbank allegedly stabbed the teen girl multiple times during their date at Mueller Park outside the city of Bountiful after they met a few days earlier on the “popular” dating app.

The 18-year-old victim spent several hours at the park with Fairbank before he suddenly “coerced her into his vehicle” around 6:30 p.m. and allegedly stabbed her with a knife that had “a fixed blade nearly a foot in length,” according to a probable cause statement, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The victim managed to fight back and break away as she flagged nearby witnesses, according to police.

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