What Is The Lewdle Answer Today? (Friday, May 13)

The weekend is almost upon us as it’s finally Friday, May 13, but there are still plenty more Lewdle puzzles to be guessed between now and the beginning of next week.

If today’s puzzle has left you scratching your head, there’s no need to worry. Don’t risk losing your perfect streak, check out the official Lewdle answer and word of the day for Friday, May 13 further down this article.

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Lewdle Rules Explained

If you’re a little late to the action and haven’t played Lewdle before, the concept is incredibly simple. Designed as a spin-off from The New York Times’ Wordle, players must guess a new word each day within six attempts. The answers can consist of either five or six letters, but there’s one twist.

Unlike Wordle, Lewdle only consists of inappropriate words, which means you’ll need to put your mind deep into the gutter to work out the daily puzzles.

Inputting a word will either turn the letters green, yellow, or black. The meaning behind each colour can be found below:

  • Green = correct letter in the correct space
  • Yellow = correct letter in the incorrect space
  • Black = incorrect letter

To play Lewdle for free, simply open up your web browser on your mobile or computer device and visit

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