Animal Kingdom season 6: What does the schedule ahead look like?

This weekend, we know that TNT is giving all of us Animal Kingdom fans another treat: Two more episodes are set to come out! We’re coming off of a two-hour premiere, and it is rather nice to know that both episodes 3 and 4 are right around the bend.

So how long is this tradition going to last? Are we going to get the rest of the season coming to us in the form of two-hour blocks?

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Well, here’s the bad news: These two-episode blocks are not going to be a season-long thing. After this weekend, the show is going to shift over to the once-a-week format that we’ve had for the entirety of the series’ run. We can’t say that we’re too shocked by this. It means that there will be nine more episodes to go after this coming weekend that will take us over the course of the next months.

Following what we saw in the premiere event, we do think we’ve got a pretty good sense of what the rest of the season is going to look like. We’re going to have some more flashbacks to the nineties and beyond just that, opportunities to see what Smurf really did to the likes of Julie and Pope. In the present, meanwhile, the Cody Boys will try to continue some of their plans for a better future, completely oblivious to the fact that a secret from the past could threaten their entire operation. Catherine’s ghost is going to haunt them; it’s just a matter of time until that really begins.

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What are you most excited to see when it comes to Animal Kingdom the rest of the way?

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