Better Call Saul season 6: Is a Gus Fring spin-off really possible?

With Better Call Saul coming to a close on AMC this summer, it of course makes sense to think more about the future. Are there some other ideas that could spawn from this world and if there are, what would they look like? These are definitely some fun things to think about.

Alas, it doesn’t appear as though any of them are going to come to pass in the near future. Both Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have already said that they’re going to take a break from this universe, so that means nothing will be coming in the next year or two, most likely. Beyond that, though, is anything possible?

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Other than a potential Kim Wexler or Lalo spin-off, the other idea that makes sense is going even FURTHER back in time and with that, doing a show all about Gus. There’s no denying that Giancarlo Esposito’s character is one of the most fascinating one that exists in this world, but even in Better Call Saul, he was relatively fully-formed. There is still an origin story that is out there, and this is something that Esposito is interested in exploring.

In a recent interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, here is what the actor said about these possibilities:

“Vince Gilligan said to me, ‘It is not over until it’s over.’ Is that a clue? For me, I think it may be a clue because as an actor I take that [to suggest] ‘there could be something else.’ … In my brain, there is another show…called ‘The Rise of Gus.’”

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Now, of course we would 100% watch that, even if it was a six-episode limited series or something in that vein. He’s such a fascinating character and we easily think Giancarlo could carry the show all by himself. We’re just glad that after so many years, he’s still as excited about Fring as we are.

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Would you want to see a Gus prequel once we are done with Better Call Saul season 6?

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