Fortnite: How to Reach Max Shields At A Temple

Fortnite’s latest weekly challenges are here and players need to reach the max shield at a temple to complete one of the tasks for this week.

To complete this challenge, you need to first find temples on the map. If you are an avid player, you might be well aware of the fact that there are three temples on the current Fortnite map. These are as follows.

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  • The Temple – Located just north of Daily Bugle just west of Seven Outposts. This is by far the toughest of the three locations only due to the fact that this is a hot drop. The Temple usually has tons of loot so a number of players have it as their preferred landing spot.
  • Tiny Temple – This is much smaller than The Temple, so the loot is lesser and consequently one will have an easier time in this place. This is located southeast of Daily Bugle, just northeast of Paradoxical Ruins.
  • Tumbledown Temple – Tumbledown Temple is located towards the northeast of Rocky Reels, right beside Colossal Cactus. This is once again a relatively smaller place, but many might still visit to complete the challenge.

Now, with all the locations of the temples ready, you must be wondering how you can reach max shields at the temple. Well, there are two ways to do the challenge. The first one is pretty straightforward. All you do is drop directly at these locations and search for shield potions. The other way is to loot shield items from some other place, and then consume them at the temple. This can make the entire task much easier for you.

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Do note that your goal is to reach 100 shield points, and you can use anything including Shield Potions, Shield Keg, Klomberries, Chug Splash, and Slurp Mushrooms to achieve the task.

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