Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 18 promo: Nick’s dinner party

While we know there are some serious things coming on Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 18, there will also be chances to laugh.

The promo below for this episode (titled “Stronger Than Hate”) puts a lot of pressure on one Nick Marsh, but it’s not because of some delicate operation. Instead, it’s because he is facing another enormous challenge: Trying to impress Meredith Grey’s family and loved ones. Think along the lines here of Maggie, Winston, Link, Bailey, and a lot of kids all at the same time. He doesn’t know all of them that well and because of that, they will pepper him with a TON of questions. Go ahead and consider a big part of this episode the grand interrogation!

Do we think it’s possible he’ll pass some of the tests with flying colors? Sure, with the operative word here being “some.” There’s probably going to be a lot of tough questions and conversations but that’s par for the course. If you are Dr. Marsh, you really shouldn’t be offended by it at all. These are all just people who are fiercely protective and with that, they re going to do whatever they can to make sure he’s the right person for her.

Of course, Meredith is more than capable of figuring this out for herself, and we’re sure that she will vocalize this to her friends at some point during this whole story as well. We don’t think anything about this is meant to be overly dramatic per se; instead, it’s just a collection of lighter moments to better prepare us for something devastating and/or heart stopping that is probably coming at the end of the season. We know this is something that this particular show loves to do; what makes you think they will avoid that now?

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