Here’s How the Persona 25th Anniversary FES Exhibit Looks

There’s now a way for people who can’t physically attend the Persona 25th FES anniversary event to get an official look at it. Atlus’ Japanese Twitter account shared a video going through the exhibition. It spends over a minute and a half looking at different attractions.

Things begin in the video by showing official art with the Persona heroes from the first game through Persona 5. After that, some of the art exhibit is shown. This includes a Velvet Room-inspired area showing game footage. Recreated school uniforms from every installment show up. There are also fake Junes and Leblanc setups in the Persona 4 and Persona 5 sections. Morgana and Teddie costumes are on display. After the 1:12 mark, the 1:1 scale Thanatos, Izanagi, and Arsene statues appear.

The latest announcement also included a peek at more Persona concept art. Shigenori Soejima designs are on display at the event. While past teases showed off early versions of Persona 3‘s Koromaru, this one features images of Persona 4‘s hero Yu Narukami and Persona 3‘s Thanatos.

The Persona 25th FES anniversary event will be held in Tokorozawa Sakuratown in Saitama, Japan until July 10, 2022.

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