Hideo Kojima Fans Petitioning To Cancel His Xbox Need To Calm Down

One of the biggest surprises to emerge from the Xbox and Bethesda showcase was Hideo Kojima, who suddenly popped up on the Team Green screen like a superstar wrestler doing a heel turn (or well, a babyface turn if you own an Xbox). During his short time on screen, Kojima announced the rumors which sprouted in 2021 were true, and that he has partnered with Xbox Game Studios to make an exclusive game for Microsoft. “There is a game I have always wanted to make. It is a completely new game, one that no one has ever experienced or seen before,” said Kojima.


While this excited many Xbox and Kojima fans, there were plenty who were not pleased with the news. Within 21 hours after the partnership was officially announced, a petition calling for Kojima’s game to be cancelled received over 1500 signatures. It’s important to note that some people signed it not because they agreed with its reason, but because of wanting to mock the person who started it (that’s the internet for you!).

The petition page says the following:

“Kojima is betraying his loyal fans. We must help him come back to the winning side”.

They also go on to mention some people’s lack of a good internet connection and not having enough funds to buy new consoles. While it is true some people do not have the proper cash flow to buy a new console, and some do have poor connections and connection speeds, Hideo Kojima making games for different consoles is not the end of the world, nor are those valid arguments for cancelling a game.

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The day after the partnership with was announced, Kojima Productions tweeted out a statement regarding its partnership with Sony stating, “After the announcement of our partnership with Microsoft using the cloud technology, many people have asked us about our collaboration with SIE. Please be assured that we continue to have a very good partnership with PlayStation as well.”

The production company also tweeted on June 12 that its independent status allows it to explore all possibilities when it comes to its projects.


— KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS (Eng) (@KojiPro2015_EN) June 13, 2022

So let’s use the rest of this article to give a Danny Tanner-style talk and hopefully settle things down. Listen, I get it, you were so used to having Hideo Kojima and his games as part of the Sony setup, but in life, as you get older, you must realize that permanence is an illusion.  It is normal for people to move to other places, and while they may make new memories without you, it is important to know those moments do not mean new ones with you won’t be made. Not all change is bad.

Sure, you might not be able to share the same experiences as those who will play his Xbox-exclusive game, but you must look at the silver lining. You might come across or already know someone who has a Series X or S, and they may have a copy of it, and you can play together and create your own special bond and memories. Or you could both go in together on a copy. There are better ways to handle news like this than trying to get the game cancelled.

You must face the fact the game is happening, and the truth is no number of signatures on a petition or number of tweets will cancel it. This deal between Hideo and Microsoft was probably agreed to months if not a year ago, and it is a legally binding document. Getting rid of it takes courts and lawyers, not a fan petition or a few thousand comments on social media. Plus, it really isn’t healthy to hinge your emotions on a game’s exclusivity. There are more important things in life, people!

Kojima is simply doing for Microsoft what he has done for Sony for decades and is making a product specifically for them. That’s OK, you can still enjoy his other works. Everything is going to be fine; he did not abandon you or his other fans, he is simply giving something to people who likely have never been able to experience it before. A Kojima game they can call their own.  As the saying goes, ‘sharing is caring.’

Take the time to work on your backlog, or learn something new, all while telling yourself and acknowledging that everything is going to be fine. Until our next talk, just be happy that he is being given another opportunity to work on something he loves and wants to share with people; that’s the best thing you can do as a fan of his and as part of the gaming community.

Be happy for him and support him with your words.

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