Inugami Korone Reveals Sonic-Inspired Outfit

VTuber Inugami Korone appeared as a guest during the Sonic Origins commemorative broadcast, revealing a new outfit inspired by the iconic Sega mascot. The outfit features a Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired hoodie, a choker that resembles the rings players can obtain in the game, and red shoes. Other details included a Sega t-shirt, a Chaos Emerald earring, and a Knuckles plush. The outfit was specifically created to commemorate a collaboration between the Sonic brand and Korone.

During the broadcast, the presenters asked Korone what her favorite part of the outfit was. She responded that due to always bumping into her desk while she streams, so she’s happy that she will have a ring attached to her.

You can watch an archived version of the broadcast below, which includes a look at Inugami Korone’s Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired outfit. The outfit is revealed around the 38 minute mark.

You can take a look at the reference sheet for the outfit below.

As mentioned previously, the broadcast was held to commemorate the release of Sonic Origins, and celebrate the Sonic series. Sonic Origins is a title that bundles classic entries in the series together. It features a new “story mode” which features animated cutscenes, and rearranged tracks.

Sonic Origins is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. You can read our review here.

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