Jack Ryan season 3 premiere date: Will a surprise be coming soon?

Is Amazon planning something big when it comes to a Jack Ryan season 3 premiere date announcement? Is that something to realistically hope for?

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The first thing that is hard to digest is that it’s now been a whopping two and a half years since the last season of the John Krasinski thriller premiered over on Prime Video. The streaming service has strongly hinted at season 3 premiering this year, which feels in our mind like a given. After all, season 4 is in production! Why wouldn’t the show just give us what they have?

We do think that we’ll be hearing something in the reasonably near future, but we almost wonder this at this point: Is Amazon our to surprise us? They could do the marketing strategy where they really take their time on a trailer reveal and hype it up relentlessly; or, they could just drop it and immediately surprise everyone who has been patiently waiting for so long. We’re starting to think that they could do the latter.

Given that SO much time has passed since we last saw the title character in action, it’s our feeling that Amazon is really going to go big with a campaign right now. A first-look trailer could update you on what Jack has been up to, but also really emphasize hard the setting and the sense of action and drama. We tend to believe that they are going to market the show both to longtime fans of the series and also people who have never watched before. In doing the latter, they could be working to better encourage people to check out the first two seasons! We tend to believe that they will do anything that they can to boost the numbers however possible on those earlier episodes; that way, it will turn season 3 into even more of an event.

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Do you think that Amazon is going to turn a Jack Ryan season 3 premiere date reveal into a big event?

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