miHoYo Announces Zenless Zone Zero, Closed Beta Available

miHoYo has announced Zenless Zone Zero, an entirely new IP from the Genshin Impact developer. The title will be an action RPG set within a new universe. Alongside the announcement of the title, users can immediately sign up to be part of the closed beta test. The test will only be available to iOS and PC users. Additionally, a trailer has been released. It provides a look at characters that will appear in the title, along with a brief glimpse at combat. The game will release for Android and iOS devices, and will be available on the PC as well.

While users can sign up for the Zenless Zone Zero closed beta test, when it will be held will be announced at a later point in time. miHoYo also stated that it will announce when sign-ups for the closed beta test will be closing sometime in the future. For now, users can sign up through the use of their HoYoVerse account. The closed beta test will be available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

You can watch the announcement trailer below.

The official website has a very brief synopsis of the general story for the game. Players will be living “dual identities” as they explore a second universe existing parallel to their own. Players will interact with various factions and uncover a greater conspiracy.

Zenless Zone Zero is in development and will release for PC and Android and iOS devices sometime in the future.

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