Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Hotfix Update Patch Notes Today (June 22)

Rainbow Six Siege servers will go under maintenance for almost an hour as the developers will be rolling out a new update for the game across all platforms today.

With the Operation Vector Glare launched last week, players spotted a number of in-game issues, especially audio-wise, that were affecting the overall experience. Now, Ubisoft is delivering a fix to a number of these problems today across all platforms.

According to an official tweet by the developer, Rainbow Six Siege PC servers will go down on June 22 at 9 am ET/1 pm UTC, which will then be followed by server maintenance on Xbox at 10 am ET/2 pm UTC, and finally, a PlayStation downtime starting at 11 am ET/3 pm UTC.


Players of all platforms should expect 1 hour of downtime before they can start downloading the new update and resuming their multiplayer experience.

Now, let’s have a look at the full patch notes of the Rainbow Six Siege hotfix update for today:

  • Fixed – Inconsistent positioning (audio)
  • Fixed – Penalty banner display issues
  • Fixed – Y7S2 Welcome Pack missing from the in-game store on PlayStation
  • Fixed – Missing VO effects (audio)

Missing Welcome Packs for the new season has been one of the most reported issues from the community, which will hopefully be fixed with the new update.

— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) June 21, 2022

Also, the Twitter account of Ubisoft Support has confirmed that the new hotfix will possibly fix the network or connectivity issues that some players have experienced in the last few days.

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However, if you still face major issues after the new update, make sure to capture a clip or screenshot from the bug and share it with the Ubisoft Support team on Twitter, or create a ticket at Ubisoft’s official webpage to get direct help from the support team.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 has been around for a week now, and we recently talked about our first impressions of Sens, the new operator, and why we think they are one of the worst operators in the game since the infamous Blackbeard nerf. Make sure to read about it here if you are interested in an in-depth comparison between Sens and some other operators in the game.

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