Skyrim Mod Combines Dr. Strange & Dark Souls & Looks Absolutely Amazing

Skyrim mods are always a treat to watch, and this time players have taken the multiverse of madness even further by combing Dr. Strange and Dark Souls.

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From Thomas, the Train Engine to whatnot, we have seen pretty much everything when it comes to Skyrim. At this point, one would think that any new mod would barely surprise fans out there. However, that is far from the case, as the community is so creative that we get to see some mind-boggling stuff every now and then.

The Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim Anniversary Edition Trailer

u/Honest_Ad4930, this Skyrim brings Dr. Strange’s Multiverse of Madness to Dark Souls or vice versa. In fact, it is so confusing to see the mod that one can’t even figure out which one of them is correct. Nonetheless, coming back to the mod itself, it looks absolutely breathtaking in the pictures posted.

We see a Dark Souls 3 character on the screen along with the runes of Dr. Strange. The title of the post states this is what Skyrim with over 1100 mods looks like, and it is quite hilarious. Probably no one would have expected that Dr. Strange would get a crossover with Dark Souls, but it is the world of Skyrim and it has its own multiverse of madness.

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While the mod might look quite hilarious, it is absolutely impressive how good the visuals look. Some of the fans went on the ridicule how hard it would be to run the game with so many mods, with players stating that the original poster was running the game on a space shuttle and they would be getting 1 frame per second.

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