Ted Lasso season 3: Is there a potential spin-off that makes sense?

Given the chatter already that Ted Lasso season 3 could be the final season coming up on Apple TV+, there is certainly a lot to consider insofar as the future holds. Take, for example, whether there are any possible spin-offs that could exist within this world.

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We’ve already heard a lot of theories, for example, that season 3 ends with the title character moving back to America. Could you do an AFC Richmond show without him? In theory sure, but that doesn’t feel like it would be as interesting. The whole idea of the first three seasons is seeing an outsider like Ted trying to navigate being a soccer coach in a place where football is worshipped. Sure, you could make Coach Beard the new lead, but a part of what makes that character so fun is the mystery around him. We’re not sure he is as effective if he is constantly in the spotlight.

While there are no confirmed spin-off talks at the moment, there is already one floating around in our mind that makes a lot of sense: Roy Kent and Keeley move to America, where they are tasked with managing and promoting the image, respectively, of a Major League Soccer team down on its luck. It keeps the original premise of the show to some extent, except this time these two characters are fish out of water in the States. Roy is used to being worshipped while Keeley is a tabloid fixture. How would they handle being relative unknowns in comparison? They may have fans, but soccer is not anywhere near as popular in the States. Add to this the culture clash, trying to secure top athletes, and Roy trying to keep himself from swearing at every press conference.

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If there is a spin-off we can get behind at the moment when it comes to this world, this is 100% it. Otherwise, you could look at a character like Rebecca, but we can’t see her selling Richmond and it would be not too different from what we have now. Maybe Jamie gets traded somewhere else, but that already happened to some extent with Man City bringing him back.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to a Ted Lasso spin-off, provided one happens?

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