The Last of Us Player Experiences Rarely Seen Brutal Execution

Almost nine years after its release, The Last of Us is still blowing fans away after one player experienced a brutal and rarely seen execution.

With a TV adaptation in production at HBO, and a heavily rumoured remake of the first game possibly in the works, The Last of Us continues to be one of the biggest series in gaming. Although The Last of Us: Part II only launched a couple of years ago, fans are still replaying the original title, which still holds up beautifully on PS4.

One player even took to Reddit to showcase a rarely seen execution, with many fans agreeing that they’d never seen the brutal takedown, even after multiple playthroughs.

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The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

Ziske_22 took to the official Last of Us subreddit to share their experience of a brutal takedown. They expressed how they had completed roughly 7 to 8 playthroughs of The Last of Us and had never experienced this specific takedown.

The execution, which can be seen in the clip below, sees Joel and Ellie hidden behind a cylinder block as an enemy begins approaching them. The two are then spotted as the enemy jumps on top of the cylinder block, but is quickly grabbed by Joel and slammed onto his back. By the way Joel grabs his legs and slams him onto the corner of the cylinder block, we can only assume that’s probably a broken back. But for good measure, Joel then smacks him over the head with a baseball bat.

Although some fans had already experienced this specific execution move before, many were seeing it for the first time. MalevolentMartyr said “Cool, didn’t know that existed in the game. I think everytime I tried that I just punched his legs or something like that”, whilst Ruca705 said “I’ve never seen this move!! So dope”.

One user pointed out that this takedown could have been a genuine grab that had glitched due to the enemy being on top of the cylinder block, which explains why it would be rarely seen. Regardless though, it’s pretty damn cool! Make sure to check out the clip below and let us know in the comments section if you’ve ever pulled off this brutal execution move before.

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