The VShojo Nyatasha Nyanners Nendoroid Comes With a Cane Sword

The Nendoroid of VShojo member Nyatasha Nyanners is now available for pre-order at the Good Smile Company Store. This is the first Nendoroid of a VShojo character, with a second Nendoroid, that one of Ironmouse, on the way. The Nyatasha Nyanners Nendoroid will be available until August 17, 2022. It will cost $62.99 and ship sometime in January 2023.

Nyatasha Nyanners is a VTuber that is part of the US-based VShojo talent agency. She was initially announced alongside news of a new partnership between Good Smile Company and VShojo. This indicates that Good Smile Company will continue to release Nendoroids of other talents from the agency.

The Nendoroid is based on Nyatasha Nyanners’ usual appearance, including details such as her hair ribbon and knee-high socks. It will come with three faceplates of varying expressions, featuring a standard, smirking, and blushing face. The blushing face has hearts in her eyes. For optional parts, Nyatasha comes with her cane sword, a holdable Goro, and a microphone. Furthermore, her hand parts include one that allows her to make the “Nya” pose, as well as the peace symbol.

You can get a better look at the Nyatasha Nyanners Nendoroid in the screenshots below:

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The Nyatasha Nyanners Nendoroid is available for pre-order at the Good Smile Company website. The Nendoroid will cost $62.99 and ship sometime in January 2023. Pre-orders will end on August 17, 2022.

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